I am going to be perfectly honest and say I would swap by Trekking poles and boots for a Mountain Bike and the reason I say that is that there are no Trekking huts to stay in overnight nowhere to get suppliers and very few places to dip a water bottle into a stream or flowing Wadis, This means that all supplies and huge amounts of water have to go in your ruck sack and with the heat it can be exhausting, For some treks Donkeys can be hired to haul gear.  So best in my view to stick to short treks such as Wadi Shab and the Balcony walk on Jebel Shams



The Maps shown here are for your convenience

 They were drawn up by the Ministry of Tourism some years ago
But please be aware when you first look at these maps there is no doubt that they are professionally produced . And that might lead one to the conclusion that they are therefore well trodden and well marked
I have done quite a lot of Trekking around the world including attempts on some pretty big mountains such as Denali in Alaska and it is my opinion that some of these treks should have big warning signs at the start of the trek
The Balcony walk on Jebel Shams is fine  a great walk but some of the others are more of a scramble then a trek and do not forget it can be scorching hot and you have to start with a large amount of water particularly for overnight treks such as Wadi Tiwi to Wadi Bani Khalid
So please take these Treks / Scrambles  very seriously indeed


Trekking maps of Oman Click below:



For Routes C38-W9-W8-W0-W6a click below:



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