Nomad Resort Philippines

It’s more fun at the Nomad Resort Philippines

Nomads are delighted to let fellow adventurers know of a wonderful secret an exquisitely beautiful island way to the North of the Philippines. An Island which is almost unknown by tourists but visited by Dolphins and Hump-back whales. 
Nomads have built a resort on the Island right on a magnificent white beach. And believe it or not a river flows in front of the resort as it meanders to the sea it could not be more idyllic !
You can walk straight from your room, through the river across the beach and into the sea and snorkel amongst the most beautiful corals. We have even seen the local’s catch fish with their bare hands.



Nomad Resort Philippines

ph9There are no cars on the Island, there are a few motor bikes or hitch a ride on a caribou

There are some nice treks to the Volcano or to some nice refreshing waterfalls or take a boat ride to where a Hot spring discharges into the Ocean and swim in the Hot Sea or take a steam bath on the beach. On the way back stop for some awesome  snorkelling at Pamuktan Island Finally perhaps Dive down to catch your own lobster for dinner 

After washing off in the river perhaps a Sundowner at the Sunset bar watching the sun set over Pamuktan. 

The Philippines has over 7000 islands This little jewel is called Camiguin Island which is one of the Babuyan Islands between the Philippines and Taiwan ( not to be confused with Camiguin Island in Mindano ) 

ph1The Good news is that unlike some of the more popular islands Camiguin will remain unspoilt for decades the Bad news is that it is very remote and you really have to have an adventurous spirit to want to visit and you must have time to enjoy. It is possible that bad weather will prevent returning as planned you must be prepared to stay on the island. You will be travelling to the island by a boat known as a Bangka boat named Polaris    And O yes, just to add a little  bit more adrenalin to the adventure the Volcano is listed as active, it last erupted in 1857

The resort is open from February to June when the weather tends to be better


Each room can sleep 4 people with one double bed and double bunk beds. Each room has plenty of electric fans but please note electricity is only available for a few hours a day normally late afternoon to around 2200 hrs. We do our best to ensure battery operated fans are operable at all times

Each room has an attached bathroom Hot water is heated by Solar

Or guests can choose to camp on the beach

There is a restaurant on the resort serving Local dishes Cold Drinks Beers and Cocktails are served at the sunset bar which is set beside the river with incredible views of Pamuktan island


  • Hump-back whale watching  click the icon   whale with water spout clipart
  • Trekking to waterfalls or to the Volcano
  • Bathing in the hot spring
  • Snorkelling
  • Camping on Pamuktan island
  • Fishing with the locals

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Getting to Camiguin

The best way is to travel by group.  The cost of a boat across each way is the same if for one person or up to a maximum of 8 people

You must travel by bus to Santa Ana  by plane or bus  to Tuguegarao and on to Santa Ana

It is highly recommended to stay at least one night at the Jotay resort .

The boat will pick you  up directly from the beach at the Jotay resort  and depart for the island the following morning (weather depending)

Please note if you have a booking at Jotay resort on your return and you are delayed by bad weather you will not be charged for this booking


The Captains decision to sail the boat and to cross or not will be final. Sometimes the coastguard will not allow travel. If your travel back is delayed due to bad weather there will be no room charge for the rxtra nights spent on the Island

Check Our Map for Details :