Dolphin Watching & Snorkeling


If asked the question what is the best thing to do in Muscat. I would have to say a Dolphin watching  and Snorkeling trip. There is a very good chance of seeing Dolphins and sometimes Sperm whales. Even if you are very unlucky and do not sea Dolphins the coastline is awesome and the snorkeling is OK too. And you have a very good chance of seeing turtle’s grapping a bite over the Corals.

When Ade Adepitan and the BBC Travel Show team visited Oman November 2016 we arranged their dolphin watching and filming tour. The film  can be seen on the  BBC Travel Show web site.



In November 2016 The BBC Travel Show wanted to film Dolphins in Oman we were delighted that they choose Nomad Tours to arrange their Dolphin watching Tour.

The sea of Muscat is alive with wild life Whales, Dolphins, Turtles, all manner of Game fish and tropical fish swimming around the Coral Reefs.

You can swim in the sea of Muscat every day of the year and almost every day you can see Dolphins. You never quite know where they will be sometimes close to shore. On other days they are a bit more elusive and we might have to travel for up to an hour to find them We cannot always guarantee to see them but we can guarantee a thrilling boat ride.

But once we do find the Dolphins it is a thrill to see their acrobatic displays. It could well be a highlight of the Holiday in Oman for the youngsters in the Family

There are many species of Dolphins in the seas of Oman but the ones you are most likely to see are Spinner Dolphins, Common Dolphins and Bottlenose Dolphins

You can join group tours or why not get your own group together and charter your own Yacht and go for the Day see our Yacht Charter page.


Snorkeling :



There are some surprisingly good snorkeling spots along Oman’s coast which are well known to our Omani Captains. Snorkeling can be enjoyed on most days all year around and even when the sea is a bit rough, the beautiful lagoon at Bander Kyran is always calm enough to snorkel and sun bathe. Masks and snorkels are provided free of charge. But not fins.


Price List
R.O. 17/- Per Person 2 hours start 0800 hrs or 1000 hrs
R.O. 10/- Per child under 10 years Child under 5 yrs FREE
Soft drinks and Water included..
R.O. 22/- Per Person 3 hours start 1000 hrs to 1300 hrs
R.O. 11/- Per child under 10 years Child under 5 yrs FREE
 Soft drinks and Water included.
R.O. 17/- Per Person 2 hours start 1200 hrs to 1400 hrs
R.O. 10/- Per Child under 10 Years Children under 5 years FREE
 Soft drinks and Water included.