You can Dive in Oman all year around. Not only is there some good diving but you very often see Dolphins on the way to the Dive sites and the cruise along the coast is always spectacular. Of course the best diving is in the Damaniyat islands and we have now teamed up with our Diving partners to offer a two day trip to the Damaniyats with 5 dives and an overnight camp




Although the best diving is undoubtedly  the Damaniyat Islands there are the some very good Dive sites which are much closer to Muscat and thus not so weather dependant.

So if you have booked for the Damaniyats  and the weather blows up it is often possible to still dive at Fahal Island or Dive sites around Bandar Kyran

The dive centre is at the Marina Bandar Al Rhowda is open daily from 0800 hrs to 1700 hrs

Note We do not recommend live aboard Dive boats as there are very few sheltered anchorage spots so it can be uncomfortable


 Note a diving adventure to the Damaniyats is weather dependent so please try to allow flexibility with your schedule

We will try and organise at least 2 trips to the Damaniyats a week usually at the weekend Friday & Saturday. But we must have at least 6 divers on board 

Meeting time is at 0730 hrs at the dive centre after 3 dives we will return around 1700 hrs



 For Dives other than the Damaniyats we normally do two Dives a day from 0830 hrs to 1400 hrs

Other Dive Spots are around Fahal Island which is clearly visible from Muscat and around Bander Kyran which is south of Muscat

Also near Bander Kyran there is a nice wreck called the Al Munassir which lies at 30 meters. This is an Old Mine Sweeper which was sunk deliberately to attract shoals of fish foe us divers to enjoy


Price List Diving 2017-2018
Two Dives NOT Damaniyats
R.O. 64.3/-  Per Person   41.0  for Two dives with tanks & weights + 20.0, full equipment + 3,3 dive permit
Three Dives in the Damaniyats
R.O. 94.3/-  Per Person 59.0, for Three  dives with tanks & weights + 20.0 full equipment + 3,3 dive permit + 12.0,surcharge
Three day package Six Dives NOT Damaniyats 
R.O. 181.9/- Per person  112.0  for Six  dives  +  60.0  full equipment + 9.9  for the dive permit.
Five day package Ten Dives NOT Damaniyats
R.O. 292.5/-  Per Person   176.0  for Ten dives  + 100.0  full equipment  + 16.5 for the dive permit
Note: If you have the equipment then you only need to pay for the dives & the permit 

Please let us know if you have a DIN or INT regulator 

We provide lots of water, muffins, fruits & cookies on the boat.



To take any of these courses you must be able to swim and be in good health If you have any recent medical issues or have had any surgeries a doctors certificate is required


Discover Scuba Diving  

A one day course which will allow you to dive up to 12 meters maximum with an instructor but will not get certified. After a brief theory in the classroom and practical session in the swimming pool you can take one dive from the beach with an Instructor

Discover Scuba Diving Course
R.O. 44.3/–  Per Person (Beach) Includes full equipment & Dive permit
R.O. 54.3/–  Per Person (Boat) Includes full equipment & Dive permit

Scuba Diver Course

A two day PADI course on completion you will be certified to dive maximum  12 meters with an instructor or a dive professional.

Day 1 Classroom theory and practical training in the swimming pool

Day 2 Two dives from the boat

Scuba Diver Course
R.O. 180.3/-Per Person   115.0 for the course  includes full equipment + 31.0 for digital Manual + 31.0 Certification Fee + 3.3 for the Dive Permit

Open Water Diver Course

 A four day PADI course on completion you will be certified to dive maximum 18 meters with a buddy or another open water diver. 

Day 1 Most of the morning in the classroom to study theory and a training session in the swimming pool in the afternoon

Day 2 Most of the day training in the swimming pool

Day 3 Two beach dives from Qantab Beach

Day 4 Two dives from the boat.

Note it is possible to shorten this course by doing the theory online before starting the course.


Open Water Diver Course
R.O. 264.6/–  Per Person          196.0 for the course  includes full equipment + 31.0 for digital Manual + 31.0 Certification Fee + 6.6 for the Dive Permit