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The Omanis are surely some of the most hospitable people on the planet and we are immensely proud of our Omani Tour Guides /Drivers. What is remarkable is that our guides will enjoy the trip as much as you will. Even after having done the tours numerous times they still enjoy meeting new guests. They delight in explaining Omani Culture and History. If you are shopping around for best value tours please be sure to ask IS THE TOUR GUIDE OMANI? It is a great shame that some companies are using non Omanis




WADI SHAB Tour No 01

Turtle Beach resort,

This is one of the classic tours best to avoid it at weekends Fri Sat or on Holidays as it can get crowded

From Muscat we drive towards Quariyat and then along the coast towards Sur. Our first stop is at the Bimmah sinkhole, here you can sit with your feet in the water and have the little fish eat away at all those nasty bits. Not for the Ticklish! We have time to swim and jump of the rocks on the other side

Further along the coast just before the quaint village of Tiwi is Wadi Shab. This is still a very beautiful Wadi but it was devastated when a cyclone called Gonu hit in 2007 and its beauty was not enhanced by the construction of a road bridge across the entrance


It is about an hour’s walk to the Swimming Pools but be sure to have some decent trekking shoes in fact two pairs of shoes are advisable one for trekking and the other for swimming and a bit of rock climbing. Bring some water (particularly in summer) and do not bring any valuables unless you have a waterproof case

The highlight of this trip is to swim and climb over some rocks and to swim through the keyhole ( See Video  ).


Inside the cave there is a waterfall and the whole cave sparkles with sun light. We advise you not to climb the rope beside the waterfall a friend of ours once fell off and broke his leg.

For the lucky ones staying at Nomads If you can show us the photos of the Waterfall, there are Free drinks back on the roof top terrace

NOTE : The standard price of this tour is with a 4WD car and your Driver/Guide will accompany you to the swimming pools but will not actually take you through the Key Hole We can reduce the cost of this tour if a normal 2WD car is OK for you and you do not wish for your guide to walk with you along the Wadi ASK FOR A QUOTE

  • The tour price is per 4WD car up to 4 passengers
  • Picnic lunch included
  • Note a large 4WD car can be booked to carry up to 6 adults or 4 adults and 3 kids
  • Includes Picnic Lunch
  • Local Driver/Guide


tt4This tour has a bit of everything without having to travel too far. We think the tour is unique to Nomad Tours and we highly recommend it as an alternative to the more popular Wadi Shab Tour
We first drive south from Muscat past the Oman Dive Centre and past the Shang Gri la resort after a short distance we drive onto the beautiful Yiti beach. Yiti in recent times suffered a double blow first it was devastated by Cyclone Guno and then it suffered as a consequence of economic turmoil in Dubai. A development company from Dubai was going to build a resort here but plans were abandoned when the cash ran out. Yippee!! We can still enjoy the beach!!
day4From Yiti we drive through Wadi Mayh to Hajir where we join the main Muscat Quariyat road. The drive through Wadi Mayh gives a snapshot of the Omani way of life in the wadis with old houses and lush date plantations. What a contrast to the modern urbanization of Muscat which is so close.
 From Hajir we drive to Wadi Dayqah. A few years ago a very impressive dam was built to provide fresh water for the local community and beyond. Back in 1996, I walked along Wadi Dayqah from the other side of the Hajar Mountains through the devils’ gap truly awesome!!
From Wadi Dayqah we drive through some beautiful date plantations and along a geological wonderland to Wadi Arbeieen Sssssssh! Please do not tell anyone about this Wadi and let’s hope there are not too many other people here. The large rock pool and the waterfall are magnificent It is great fun to jump off the rocks and swim as far as you can against the current of the waterfall
After a swim and a picnic lunch we drive back along the wadi and then drive towards the coast to emerge at Bimmah and then we drive a short distance along the coast to visit the Bimmah Sinkhole where we can have another swim if one still has the energy and then its back to Muscat
  • The tour price is per 4WD car up to 4 passengers
  • Picnic lunch included


This tour includes a visit to Wukan which I think is the prettiest village in Oman, two of its most impressive forts and a beautiful wadi with water running year round.

We first stop at Nakal to visit the impressive fort and to admire the views of Date plantations from the castle walls We then visit the hot springs where if it is not to crowded it is possible to bathe

From Nakal we drive towards Rustaq and turn off to drive through Wadi Mistal and into the Ghubra Bowl. This is a bit barren but is surrounded by imposing Jebels on all sides. As we start the climb up the Jebel the majestic Village of Wukan can be seen clinging to the rock face. As we get closer it just gets more beautiful this probably is the most picturesque village in Oman. After a very steep ascent, we park and then walk up through pretty gardens with fruit trees, almonds, pomegranates, apricots, and dates. Beside the path is a Falaj with flowing water and many pools

From Wukan we drive back down Wadi Mistal towards Rustag and then on to the beautiful Wadi al Hoqain Water flows in this wadi all year round and it is a wonderful place for a picnic lunch

After a Picnic lunch we drive to Al Hazm castle this is by far my favorite fort/castle in Oman it is beautifully restored has one of the best collection of canons in the world. Whoever was in charge of this restoration own up, there is a bunch more work for you to do in Oman.

After visiting the Castle we drive back to Muscat along the New Muscat expressway.


 It is with extreme sadness that as of December 2015 Nomad Tours have withdrawn Jebel Akidar from our list of tours
This used to be exquisitely beautiful with picturesque villages clinging to the mountainside with wonderful irrigated terraces with pomegranates roses for the rose water etc
Princess Diana once viewed the wonderful vista from a point which became known as Diana’s viewpoint
But sadly many of the terraces are no longer worked and are progressively retreating to become part of the mountain-side once more. Diana’s viewpoint has been bulldozed to build a huge new complex 5 star hotels are popping up all over. The villagers that once worked the terraces are leaving and their incredible hospitality that we experienced in the past is no more.


You will see some stunning scenery on this tour but there is quite a lot of driving involved .
We drive from Muscat to Nizwa through the Sumail gap, this is the main pass through the Hajar Mountains linking the coast with the Interior.
On your return journey through here with the sun dipping lower in the sky the lighting effects of the mountains and the date plantations are very dramatic
We first visit Nizwa which when Oman was in effect two countries, Nizwa was the capital of the Interior and was ruled over by an Imam
We visit the imposing Nizwa fort with its great circular tower, it was built during the mid 17th century by Imam bin Saif Al Yarubi and afterwards we check out the Nizwa souk and perhaps purchase a souvenir. A must see is the Date market you can taste the many various types until you   choose your favourite and perhaps purchase a few for the journey 
day9From Nizwa we drive to  the highest mountain in Oman Jebel Shams (The Mountain of the Sun).The views from the top of the Jebel are magnificent, Anyone for Base Jumping?
After a picnic lunch we retreat back down the mountain and return to Muscat 
  • The tour price is per 4WD car up to 4 passengers
  • Note a large 4WD car can be booked to carry up to 6 adults or 4 adults and 3 kids
  • Picnic lunch  included
  • Please note the Fort Closes at 1100 hrs on Fridays
  • Fort Entry is NOT included in the Tour price 


 day12This is another of the Classic tours best to be avoided at weekends Fri/Sat and Holidays
We drive along the main Muscat – Nizwa road before turning onto the Sur road at Bid Bid. The road then climbs and meanders along a beautiful Wadi when the rains come this Wadi often floods see the red and white poles along the road side marking the danger areas. But this road like so many others will soon be upgraded. In season fruits can be purchased along the road side
After the road levels out we enter Ibra known as the gateway to the Eastern region of Oman.
You will soon see on the right hand side the Wahiba Sands. These sands run from the bottom slopes of the Eastern Hajar Mountains to the Arabian Sea around 200 km
At the southern end the sands jut out into the sea, the view from on top of the dunes down to the sea is simply awesome, camping here or in some of the sandy coves in amongst the dunes has surely to be one of the World’s greatest camping spots.
day13As you enter the sands you will see that the dunes run North to South and so it is relatively easy to traverse them in this direction, but look up to see the face of the dunes and consider crossing them East to West.
Once a year the Wahiba challenge is run when teams of 4WD vehicles attempt to do just that. All sorts of mega vehicles turn up with huge tyres with no expense spared. One year the Nomad team won the challenge in four little Daihatsu jeeps dating from 1979 with a total value of less than a set of tyres on most of the other vehicles
You will enjoy a thrilling drive through the dunes to visit a Bedouin family and an optional Camel ride.
Next we travel to one of Oman’s most popular and scenic spots Wadi Bani Khalid. This is the place to take some memorable photo shots, the lighting effects with the mountains the date palms and the running water can be spectacular
Bring swimming gear as it is possible to bath in the Rock pools
  • The tour price is per 4WD car up to 4 passengers
  • Picnic lunch included
  • Camel ride not included
WADI SHAB Tour No 01

R.O. 130/- 4WD car Max 4 Adults

R.O. 180/- Large 4WD car Max 6 Adults

For 2WD car

Includes Picnic Lunch

Local Driver/Guide

Ask for quote


R.O. 130/- Max 4 People

Includes Picnic Lunch
Local Driver/Guide
NAKAL + WUKAN + Wadi Hoqain + NAZM Castle Tour No 03

R.O. 130/- Max 4 People

Includes Picnic Lunch
Local Driver/Guide

R.O. 130/- Max 4 People

R.O. 180/- Max 6 Adults

Includes Picnic Lunch

Local Driver/Guide


R.O. 130/- Max 4 People

R.O. 180/- Max 6 Adults

Includes Picnic Lunch


Please note a 25% non-refundable deposit is required to guarantee your booking