Desert Camp

There is certainly something special about camping in the desert.We organise tours to both the Rub Al Khali (the Empty Quarter) and the Wahiba Sands.

There are many “permanent“ Desert camps in the Wahibas to suite most budgets from the super expensive with swimming pools Air conditioning etc to the more basic

To choose one that suits your taste and Budget it is best to search on TripAdvisor or

We offer two alternatives either “Wild” Camping which is by far our favourite option or a semi- permanent desert camp.

When the BBC Travel Show decided to film their stay at a Desert camp they choose Nomad Tours to arrange the camp. We firmly believe that the Desert camp we have selected offers the best value for money and has very good reviews on Tripadvisor

Please see the Overnight Tours from Muscat page for tours that included a semi-permanent Desert Camp

For a real authentic Desert camping experience and to be at one with nature we recommend to just “Wild” Camp. You can then be on your own or with your own group and really experience the tranquillity of the desert in your own tented camp

Do this yourself with a 4WD car some camping equipment and some off road recovery gear or ask us to organise it for you.

We can organise wild camping in the Wahibas at relatively short notice but if you want to explore the Rub al Khali then we need more time.

Please contact [email protected] Please tell us how many in your group and we will send you a quotation