About Oman

Let us at Nomads help plan what could be an adventure of a life time in thus stunningly  beautiful country of Oman. If you are flying Europe to Asia or Vice versa you must stop over. OR if you are visiting the Bright Lights and concrete jungle  of Dubai it’s just a short flight or bus ride to Muscat to take in the serenity of Oman’s Natural Beauty





About Oman

Simply put Oman is the Jewel in the Middle East it is an adventure playground, it has some stunning scenery and a beautiful Ocean just waiting to be explored. And we at Nomads want to be part of that adventure When Tourism was kicked off only a few years ago the stated Philosophy was to attract the wealthy Tourists, the ones that stay in lavish hotels and so the theory goes spend more and thus aid the economy.



Our Philosophy is entirely different we want to encourage those with an adventurous spirit who are going to get out and see this country, to climb and trek in the Mountains, to Mountain Bike down the Wadis, to dive and Snorkel over the Coral reefs, to camp in the desert and to go home and to tell their mates what a wonderful time they have had And what better way to do this then to encourage families with kids and to make sure the kids have a great time and to go home and to tell their school buddies what an awesome place this is with friendly hospitable people. The buddies will tell their parents to come and when the kids are grown up they will bring their kids ……that’s sustainable tourism and if I was an Omani and proud of my country that is the Philosophy that I would endorse.

If you have not made up your mind yet to come to Oman just see this Film by Nadine Hudson..

Watch Here

Nadine visited with Mike and the boys in 2016 stayed at Nomads Hired a car some camping gear and off road kit and just look at their adventure. They are extensive worldwide Travelers and they returned to Nomads   sun tanned and yes a wee bit dusty and were proud to say that Oman was their Number One Country

aboutoman2This place is not for the single guys who might be looking to club all night and perhaps lay on the beach all day…forget it, go to Dubai This is for those that want to Camp, Hike, Dive, Climb, Camp, Mountain Bike, Snorkel, Sail, Camp, Kayak, Wind Surf, Water Ski, Camp, Kite Surf, climb a Via Ferrate, Survive Snake Gorge, take a Camel across the Desert, Camp, cross the Empty Quarter in a 4 WD, Fish, Jet Ski, watch Dolphins & Whales and indulge in just about any sport other than Winter sports!


It is possible to eat well and cheap but it means going to unlicensed restaurants Now if you are like me, I do like to unwind with a class of wine over dinner, particularly if Lorna has been nagging me all day !!  And that is a drawback of Oman so you might want to bring in your duty free allowance which you can buy on arrival at Muscat airport

We have been exploring this country for over 20 years and there is always more to find. These days the roads are so good many people just cruise along at 120 Km/h and miss the beauty of the place. Over the years we have discovered some truly magnificent camping spots along the coast and breath taking drives or mountain bike trails across the Mountains.

aboutoman3The best way to explore Oman for those with time, is on a Mountain Bike and Camel but for most it is by Self drive Car. Most places are accessible with a 2WD car which is much cheaper than a 4WD but a 4WD does offer more flexibility particularly if you are do it yourself campers.You will have more room for your camping gear and can pull further off the main roads to find unique camping spots

Oman History, Religion etc

Please refer to guide books and other web sites for further info on these subjects. Below is essential information on Visas.

Best Time to Visit
The heat of the summer starts to break in October and really cools off in November it starts to build again in April with the humidity kicking in around the Middle of May. My personal Favorite months are November and March .But even in the Height of the summer it is possible to drive high into the mountains and enjoy some wonderful cooler weather

The most important thing you need to know is how to obtain Your Visa The information below was valid on 1 April 2013 to check current validity go to


For Online visa Application on Visa Approved

Visa On Arrival

If you are a passport holder from the countries listed below you can obtain a visa on arrival. You must first pay for your visa at the Travelex Foreign Exchange bureau located in the immigration arrivals hall, payments can be accepted in most currencies or by credit card If you are a passport holder of one of these countries and you are a tourist arriving from Dubai or Qatar and flying directly to Oman you do not need to obtain an Oman Tourist Visa If you are resident in a GCC country the cost of an Oman Visa is 5 Oman Rials. You must fly to Oman directly from a GCC country

  1. Types of Visa for Passport holders of countries listed in table below
Visa Type Fee Passport Validity Visa Extension Overstay Fine
10 Days R.O. 5 Not less than 6 months 10 Days R.O. 5 R.O.10 per day
1 Month R.O. 20 Not less than 6 months 1 month R.O. 20 R.O 10 per day

Visa Extension

One time Visa Extension allowed from the ROP visa information counter at Muscat International Airport only from 07:30-13:00 SAT-WED excluding Public Holidays or available from the Directorate General of Passport & Residency HQ, Seeb Opposite Muscat International Airport during their working hours.

  1. Visas for Tourists flying directly from Dubai or Qatar
Visa Type Fee Visa Validity Eligibility
Dubai Free Dubai visa validity not less than 21 days. passengers must arrive and depart from/to Dubai
Qatar Free Qatar visa validity not less than 30 days. passengers must arrive and depart from/to Doha
  1. Visas for Residents of GCC countries flying direct from a GCC country to Oman
Visa Type Fee Oman Visa Validity Resident Visa Validity Visa Extension Documents
GCC Resident R.O. 5 28 Days Not less than 6 months from Expiry Date 1 week – R.O. 5 Passport, Resident/Labour Card

Countries Applicable to obtain Oman Visa

Andorra Argentina Austria Australia Belgium Bolivia Brazil
Brunei Bulgaria Canada Chile Colombia Croatia Cyprus
Denmark Ecuador Estonia Finland France French Guiana Germany
Greece Hungary Hong Kong Iceland Italy Indonesia Ireland
Japan Latvi Lebanon Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia
Malaysia Malta Moldova Monaco Netherlands New Zealand Norway
Paraguay Poland Portugal Romania San Marino Seychelles Slovakia
Slovenia Spain Singapore South Africa South Korea Suriname Sweden
Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Turkey United Kingdom USA Uruguay
Vatican Venezuela          

Oman Facts

Population : 3,027,959 including 577,293 expatriates (July 2011 est.)

Note the population is increasing quite rapidly but hopefully not to many “Blokes”bloke
Language : Arabic (official), English (widely spoken)
Capital : City of Muscat
Natural Resources : Oil, Natural Gas, Copper, Fishery, Agriculture
Local Time : GMT +4

The currency of Oman is the Omani Rial (OMR) divided into 1,000 baisa. Notes come in denominations of 50, 20, 10, 5 and 1 rials, and 500 and 100 baiza. Foreign currency and travelers cheques can be exchanged at banks, exchange bureaus, hotels and at the airport. Outside banking hours, money exchangers operate between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm in the evenings and at weekends. US Dollars are recommended. American Express, MasterCard and Visa credit cards are readily accepted in large shops and hotels and by an increasing number of traders in the souks. http://www.worldtravels.com Banks such as Bank Muscat, Oman International Bank, Oman Arab Bank, National Bank of Oman and HSBC are available for service from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and are open from Sunday to Thursday. One OMR is equivalent to 2.58 US dollars and 1.81 Euros. Automated Teller Machines can be found in most major supermarkets, hotels and other locations throughout the country.

Cost of Living
The cost of living in Oman when compared to that in western countries is similar. Yet, your living expenses will depend on the lifestyle you choose to have. Buying goods that are recognized brand names cost more than the local brands which are usually of comparable good quality and are sometimes even better.

The Omani culture has its roots firmly grounded in the Islamic religion. Oman developed its own particular form of Islam called Ibadhism, after its founder, Abdullah ibnIbadh who lived during the 7th Muslims. Omanis are not only tolerant of the beliefs of different Muslim divisions, they are also tolerant towards believers of other faiths, who are allowed to practice their religion in churches and temples. Islam is based on the fulfilment of the Five Pillars of Islam, or the hadiths. By fulfilling these duties, one is assured of a place in heaven.