Dear Guests

Nomad Tours LLC has been operating in the Sultanate of Oman since 2006.
Nomad in Arabic is Al Rahal which means Bedouin.
It’s the Bedouin love of the outdoors and their world famous hospitality that we have tried to emulate at Nomad Tours. Our ambition is to enable our guests to enjoy this beautiful country as much as we have and to leave with a feeling that they have not been ripped off and that they cannot wait to come again.
Oman is an outdoor enthusiast’s dreamland it has to have some of the best camping in the world. With wonderful camp sites high in the Jebel (mountains) on majestic beaches with white sand that stretches for miles and beautiful Wadis with lush date plantations.

On top of all that the Omanis are some of the most hospitable people on this planet.

I am an Expat who has lived in Oman for over 20 years I am still absolutely in love with the place. My two sons, one of whom was born here both want to come back and reside in the country they call home.

To be honest, we would like to have kept this little known secret jewel of the Middle East to ourselves but when the Government decided to open up the country for Tourism we decided we better be part of it.

As we watched mountain tops being leveled and beaches barricaded off to build huge 5 star hotels it was of course with mixed feelings. I guess the 5 star decadence appeals to some but not us at Nomads. Our objective was to enable people to explore this beautiful country without breaking the bank.

It is widely publicized that the goal of the Ministry of Tourism is to target the affluent Tourist I have argued vociferously that this will not be sustainable in the long term and that Oman should be encouraging tourists whatever their Budget.

There is absolutely no doubt that the best way to explore Oman is to hire a 4WD car and camping gear and head off for a 2 week adventure of a lifetime. You really do need Two weeks there is so much natural beauty to blow your mind away. And on a budget a fraction of what the affluent are spending in the 5 star hotels you are going to see so much more

When I get inquiries from those only planning to visit for a few days, asking me what they should do … I am at a loss, there is so much to do…. I have been doing it for 20 years and still I want more!

Come to Oman, with the kids, if possible and enjoy the Jewel in the Middle East.

Please note that the Tourist Infrastructure in Oman is still in its infancy and as such it is not always easy for a single traveller to get around on a Budget. Please consider joining a group tour with one of our partners click on Logos below


We have come a long way since 2006 with our Game fishing team competing in the World championships in Mexico in 2007 and 2008 and our 4WD team winning the Wahiba challenge crossing of the desert in 2009. We took Prince Albert of Monaco for a cruise on board our luxury yacht Shamsa and we have won numerous 5 star awards from Tripadvisor..

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Chris Heywood